HEX Ferments

Branding for Baltimore's finest alchemists

With over a decade of fermentation experience, Meaghan and Shane decided it was time to share their beneficial bacteria with the world. Their krauts and kombuchas protect and shield our immune system, digestion and overall well- being. I was fortunate to work with HEX Ferments to design and build out their brand.

Hexology Folklore

HEX comes from the Pennsylvania Dutch Hexology folklore. Hexology symbols were painted on shields and hung from barns and homes to protect relationships, secure the harvest and ward-off evil spirits. Fermented foods act in a similar way, protecting our bodies and warding off toxins. The HEX Ferments logo is packed with hexology and alchemy symbolism. The star represents creation while the lines intersecting create the symbols for air and earth. You can also find orbiting salt symbols, an active ingredient in fermentation.

Universal packaging design was created to work with both bottles and jars. The black and white labels let the beauty of the fermented foods stand out. Beyond packaging, I created illustrations for their main line of products, email templates, menu templates and gift certificates and other collateral. Be sure to try HEX Ferments when you're in Belvedere Square.

Designer Identity / Packaging / Illustration / Email Marketing & Development / Promotion / Consulting
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