In My Dreams

Discovering my inner conscience

Dreams are a subject of mystery in everyone's lives. We may never be able to fully decode our dreams, but attempting to do so is intriguing. After studying a semester of dream theory and keeping an extensive daily log of my dreams, I created an infographic dedicated to my findings.

The Process

In this study, I was curious to uncover patterns and/or recurring themes in my dreams to perhaps learn a little more about myself while also attracting others to be inspired by my discoveries. I began to organize a few main components and carefully categorize each dream by type, mood, probable cause, location, etc.

I also provide a dream catalog with short, descriptive titles for a hint of subject matter coupled with a color legend to differentiate the dreams into nightmare, anxiety dreams and "positive" dreams. The visual language created by the intersecting lines and circular calendar is reminiscent of a dream catcher.

Designer Print / Infographic

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